3 Landscaping Tips to Help You Prepare for Winter From a Commercial Landscaper

Winter Preparation for Your Commercial Landscape

If you manage or own a commercial property, then you’ll want to begin taking measures during the fall season to help prepare your landscape for the upcoming winter months. If your landscape isn’t properly taken care of during the fall, it could have issues withstanding the cold temperatures and snowfall that are soon to come. As a result, you’re going to find your landscape in dire need of help once spring comes along — to the point where your landscape could be in such bad shape that it will hurt your curb appeal. Keeping this in mind, the following are a few commercial landscaping tips to help prepare for winter from a commercial landscaper:

Be Sure to Blow Out

If you don’t blow out your sprinkler system before winter hits, you risk serious damage. This is because the water remaining in your sprinkler system’s pipes and faucets will be more likely to freeze, which can cause the pipes to burst. Blowing out your sprinkler system will help remove any traces of water to avoid damage occurring during freezing temperatures.

Plant now for later

The late fall is a great time to begin planting shrubs and perennials. By planting them now, you can look forward to seeing them pop up in the spring, which will provide a nice boost in curb appeal once winter finally retreats.

Cut Back Perennials

Many of your perennials will not do well during the winter. They will have issues with pests and diseases and will no longer be an attractive part of your landscape after the first frost. As such, it’s best that you cut back your perennials before winter arrives. This will also help ensure that they grow back healthy during the spring season.

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