Best Features That Can Be Added in Your Hardscape Design

Improving the Look and Functionality of Your Landscape

Your hardscape design is more than aesthetics. It also makes your landscape more durable, functional, and attractive. Some hardscape features are there to give you convenience, improve your safety, and even make your outdoor environment more comfortable, which are some reasons you need to include them in your design. Below are 3 of the features you can add to your design! Let your contractor know if you need help designing your landscaping.

Water Features

A water feature can add beauty, style, and functionality to your landscaping design. Some water features have multiple purposes, such as an irrigation system that supports your plants and also gives you the relaxation you need. A water feature also makes a good background for your patio furniture. You can choose a small or large water feature. If you want to add a natural element, you can install a handful of waterfalls and streams.


If you’re looking for a practical and attractive hardscape feature, having a planter bed can be the solution to your problems. A planter bed is a great way to add color, texture, and softness to your landscape. You can create a bed of any shape and size! For example, you can create triangles, rectangles, ovals, or circles. You can use a mix of drought-tolerant and water-loving plants to create a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. You can also use it for pet landscaping!

Bark Berms

A bark berm is a low, mounded structure that has a bed of irregular-shaped woody debris. A bark berm is hardscaping feature that can effectively reduce roadside erosion by creating a stable surface that is more resistant to wind erosion than regular soil. It is also found in the form of wood chips, tree barks, and tree stumps. You can pile them up at different heights to create a natural look or use them to create a latitudinal feature. You can also use them as a playground for your pets and kids!

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