Common Lawn Care Myths

Myths About Lawn Maintenance

Every time a lawn care specialist visits your home, they are asked a question similar to the ones listed below. These beliefs have been around for a long time, whether from the media or misinformation online.

Myth: If You Let Turfgrass Seed Heads Grow on Your Lawn and Then Mow Them Off, They Will Germinate and Grow

Truth: Seedheads must grow on the stem for several months before germinating. As a result, seedheads generated in the spring will not germinate when mowed or transported as mulch to the garden. Mowing often with a sharp mower blade is the most efficient approach to controlling turfgrass seed heads. Cool-season grasses often produce seedheads for just about a month.

Myth: I Will Not Have to Mow as Often if I Mow My Lawn Shorter

Truth: Grass should be mowed such that no more than one-third of the leaf blade is gone in a single mowing. According to the 1/3 rule, grass mowed at 3.0 inches should be mowed every seven days. Grass mown at 2.0 inches will require mowing every five days. Lawns mowed at a higher height of cut are healthier and require less mowing. Most turfs require a mowing height of 2.0 to 4.0 inches. The thickest turf requires the fewest inputs when mowed at an optimal height. Mowing over these heights results in a less dense turf with coarser leaf blades and a puffy or scraggly appearance.

Myth: It Is Best to Fertilize in the Spring Since That Is When the Home Improvement Stores Sell Fertilizer

Truth: Excessive growth (more mowing), fewer roots, and a lawn more prone to summer stress on cool-season grasses will result from heavy feeding in the spring. Cool-season turfgrasses, such as bluegrass, should be fertilized mostly in the fall. Fertilization in September and November and a spring application following the growth spurt (April or May) will result in healthy cool-season turf. Turfs injured during the summer months and newly seeded ones may require an additional fertilizer application in October to aid in healing and establishment.

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