Insights From a Commercial Landscaper

How to Nurture Your Commercial Garden With Different Plants

Commercial gardens present a variety of challenges for the avid gardener. You may have a large selection of plants, from vegetables to ornamental flowers, or have to manage the growth of particular vegetation in a small space. Regardless of the type of garden you have, it’s important to turn to a trusted commercial landscaper.

Here are a few tips for successfully caring for the different plants within it:

Provide Adequate Sunlight

Sunlight is vital for the health of the plants in a commercial garden. If you have shade-loving plants, then they need to be placed in a location that has protection from the harsh midday sun. In addition, sunny vegetables, such as tomatoes and peppers, need to get at least six hours of good sunlight each day.

Know Your Soil Type

Understanding your soil type enables you to determine how much water and nutrients your plants need. Additionally, choose soil amendment materials, such as manure, based on the type of soil in your garden. Amend the soil with organic materials, such as compost or mulch, to ensure your plants get the most out of every seed you plant.

Practice Regular Maintenance

Maintaining your garden is a regular task that should not be overlooked. Take care to remove dead or dying plants, to discourage the spread of mold, fungus, and diseases. Additionally, inspect your plants for potential pests, and use organic methods to control the population.

Keeping a commercial garden healthy and thriving is possible if you understand the needs of the plants it contains and if you need additional assistance in setting up or tending to your garden, then contact the knowledgeable commercial landscaper at Marquez Landscape by calling (408) 703-8236. Our team of expert landscapers in Hollister, CA has many years of experience and can provide the advice and materials needed to create a thriving garden.