Insights From Your Lawn Service Provider

Spring Lawn Care Jobs to Keep in Mind

Spring is the perfect time to give your lawn a little extra attention. With warmer temperatures, longer days, and plenty of rain, your yard may need some special care to look its best. Below are some spring lawn care jobs that you should consider tackling this season. Let your lawn service provider help you!

Clean Up Debris

The first step to a beautiful lawn is removing any leaves, sticks, and other debris that have accumulated over the winter. This will help to prevent the growth of mold and prevent any pests from taking up residence in your yard. For best results, use a rake or leaf blower to carefully clear away any unwanted items.


Compacted soil can cause problems for lawns, reducing their ability to absorb water and nutrients. To combat this, you should use a lawn aerator to open up the soil. This will allow water, oxygen, and essential nutrients to reach the roots of your grass. Hire a lawn contractor for proper lawn aeration.


Getting your lawn for the spring means mowing – but there is a correct procedure you should follow. First, make sure you’re using the correct height setting on your mower. Then, you should mow in alternating directions with each pass. Don’t cut too close to the ground, as this could kill the grass. As a general rule, only remove one-third of the grass blade with each mowing.

Weed & Feed

This job should be done carefully, as weed killers can damage other plants if not applied properly. You should also consider applying fertilizer or weed and feed to help promote healthy growth. Read the instructions on the package carefully and make sure to apply at the right time.


Spring is a great time to fix any thin or bare spots on your lawn. Use quality grass seed that is suited to your local climate and spread it evenly in the affected areas. Be sure to water frequently to promote healthy growth.

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