Lawn Care Suggestions for Lawn Borders in the Garden

Lawn Border: Garden Edging Ideas

An actual border might be creatively included in your landscape plan. Think of bricks, concrete pavers, or terra cotta tiles. Even wine bottles sinking neck-down may provide a lovely border. Make sure the bottles are buried deeply enough to prevent grass from growing below them while being accessible for mowing and unlikely to be damaged by a string trimmer. The greatest landscapes have crisp boundaries and completed edges. Continue reading to learn about innovative lawn care methods to design beautiful borders between your grass and flower beds.

Pound-In Edging

Pound-in edging, which is strong and simple to apply, offers an efficient way to edge a lawn. Just pound each component into place using a rubber mallet. Even in the toughest clay soil, this edging eliminates the need to trim sod. Pound-in edging is made of polyethylene (a plastic), which makes it durable for many years. Several depths of lawn edging are often available.

Concrete Edger Stones

Concrete edgers or paver stones laid upright and on edge are two of the quickest ways to drop an edge between lawn and planting areas. These cast-concrete stones provide the best edging when they are inserted into the ground so that the base is just below the level of the lawn. Keep a watch out for grass growing beneath or around concrete edgers. Grass killers can be manually removed or applied locally. There are many different sizes, styles, and colors of concrete edgers. Whether they are bordering flower, herb, or vegetable beds, they offer a garden a more formal flair that looks great.

Coco Fiber Edging

Consider adding a lawnmower-friendly edging if clipping string along lawn edges is your least favorite task. The fibers from coconut hulls are used to make coco fiber edging. Also known as coir, this fiber. This lawn edging combines natural latex rubber with coir to create a strong, long-lasting, and permeable (to air and water) edge. It has a nice enough appearance to stand on its own, but if you like the look of typical bark mulch, you may also cover it. Use landscaping staples to secure it.

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