Lawn Care: The Proper Way of Planting Clover Lawn

Steps for Planting a Clover Lawn

While lawn care continues to be the gold standard and has been for many years, a picture-perfect lawn is no longer always the best method to maintain a yard in America. Numerous people have had their opinions on lawns changed as a result of the decline in pollinator numbers, the resources and labor required to maintain turfgrass, as well as the pollution it produces. Presenting the low-maintenance, environmentally friendly clover lawn as a replacement for turfgrass. To germinate, clover needs continual wetness. Here is how to plant them, and when to sow them: Sow them in early spring, in March or April.

Step 1

Leave the current turfgrass in situ, but make it ready for the clover, since a mixture of turfgrass and clover (and not a solely clover lawn) is the way to go. To enable the seeds to reach the soil, mow the grass at a lower height than usual—about 2 inches. Rake or otherwise disturb the soil’s surface, then remove any thatch.

Step 2

White clover can be sown anywhere from 2 to 8 ounces per 1,000 square feet. The majority of seed companies advise 1 pound per 1,000 square feet of white clover. Even broadcasting can be difficult because of how small the seeds are, so do your best to avoid clustering them.

Step 3

To ensure that the planted portions germinate, lightly sprinkle them with water and maintain an equal moisture level throughout the day. If there hasn’t been any rain, plants need to be watered every day. Around a week is required for germination; in warm conditions, this time is reduced. The seeds’ germination will be accelerated by watering in the early evening, which will keep the seeds moist overnight. To prevent the seed from drying out, give it a second, gentle watering during the day. Continue watering the seed until its roots extend a few inches below the surface, which normally takes a few weeks.

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