Lawn Care Tips for a Healthy Lawn All Summer

Don’t Let the Heat Ruin Your Lawn!

We all like having a summer feast with our loved ones while relaxing in our gardens on a beautiful day. You may counter that feeling cheerful comes from relaxing on the gorgeous summer grass. However, this can be the time of year when your grass has the greatest difficulty. Anywhere in the globe, you can keep your outside space in good condition all summer long by using a lawn care service and these tried-and-true lawn maintenance techniques:

Water Deeply

In dry conditions, the moisture level of your soil may drop. When grass is stressed by lack of water, it wilts, produces fewer roots and shoots, and develops a greater susceptibility to weeds and pests. You should water deeply and precisely once or twice a week to combat the problem if there is a drought in your region and no water restrictions are necessary. Between four and six inches is the perfect depth for the water. If at all possible, water your lawn in the morning before the sun comes up. By doing so, you might be able to keep the moisture from being drained by the sun before it can benefit your lawn.

Mow High

Mow taller to encourage greater root growth and improved heat tolerance. Taller, broader grass offers additional protection against weed growth and yard invasion. The mower blades’ sharpness should be evaluated first. Without a doubt, you should elevate your blades and adjust the heights to match the grass. Cut summer grasses between 2-3 inches, while cool-season grasses need between 3-4 inches. No more than 13 grass blades should be visible after mowing the lawn.

Treat Pests

The summer months bring out more insects, but not all of them are bad for your grass. But, if you come across insects like Japanese beetles, June bugs, or European chafers that eat through your grass and leave bare spots and wilting, you should proceed with caution. The Japanese beetles will consume your grass and lay eggs, which, if left unchecked, will hatch into grubs and begin eating on your lawn. Utilize a grub control treatment to put an end to this as a preventative measure. Before beginning, use caution and abide by the usage instructions.

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