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Fighting Off Annual Weeds With the Right Mulches

Mulch is an essential addition to any garden or landscape project. Plantings of all varieties need mulch to suppress weeds and offer vital nutrients to the soil. It can also help retain moisture and support the overall health of your plants. When it comes to preventing weeds, many types of mulches can be used. But what are the best mulches to install in fighting annual weeds? Let your lawn service provider be of help. Find out more below!

Bark Chips

Bark chips are one of the most popular mulches when it comes to suppressing annual weeds. They are derived from various types of trees, such as pine and cedar. Bark chips are renowned for their large particle size, which prevents them from breaking down and becoming mixed into the soil. This helps to prevent weeds from taking hold and depriving the soil of vital nutrients.


Sawdust mulch is a great way to suppress annual weeds, as it quickly decomposes and keeps the soil from drying out. Sawdust is also relatively cheap, making it a great choice for budget gardeners. On top of that, it works to reduce the growth of weeds.


Compost is also a key ingredient for preventing annual weeds. It works by increasing soil fertility and reducing the amount of nutritional resources weeds can tap into for growth. Compost also helps break down other organic materials in the soil and provides bacteria with a food source. Adding compost to your garden is a simple move that will make a huge difference in the health of your plants.

We’ve discussed the best mulches to install in fighting annual weeds, but it’s up to you to decide which one is right for you and your garden. If you’re not sure which mulch is best, reach out to Marquez Landscape. With the right mulch, you’ll be able to help prevent the spread of weeds and keep your garden in Hollister, CA looking beautiful. For inquiries or to book our lawn service, call us at (408) 703-8236!

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