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Winter Landscape Watering Requirements

It’s no secret that different seasons bring with them different landscaping needs. Winter months, in particular, require a different approach to landscape watering in order to sustain a robust, vibrant landscape. To ensure your plants and lawns remain healthy during the cold winter season, be sure to book quality landscaping services.

Here’s what you need to know to develop an effective watering schedule:

Assess Climate Conditions

The first step to determining your winter landscape watering requirements is to check the temperature in your area. Consider the region’s average daily temperature as well as the temperature of the soil. When you’ve established the climate of your area, you can develop an appropriate watering schedule. For instance, if the temperature in your area is consistently dropping below 40 degrees, you’ll want to provide less water than you would in the summer months.

Evaluate Rainfall

The amount of rainfall your region receives can have a significant influence on the watering schedule of your landscape during the winter months. You’ll want to keep track of how much rain is falling in your area over the winter so that you can provide the right amount of water to supplement the rain. To avoid overwatering your lawn, keep an eye on your local forecast and provide extra water only when necessary.

Practice Strategic Watering

When it comes to watering your landscape in the winter, timing is key. Plants and lawns will likely require less water than they would during warmer months, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need any. Rather than watering your plants or lawns all at once, provide water only when necessary and spread out the watering over multiple days. Additionally, make sure to water in the late afternoon or early evening to avoid oversaturation.

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