Stone Paver Installation Tips From a Professional Hardscape Contractor

Stone Paver Installation Tips to Consider for Your Hardscape

Stone pavers are an attractive and durable option for creating a hardscape in multiple designs and sizes. They are easy to install, but you should note that the stone may need to be sealed before it is installed in your yard. Stone pavers can be used in many different ways, including as a border around flower beds or walkways. If you’re interested in installing stone pavers for your hardscape, consider following these installation tips from a professional hardscape contractor:

Plan for Drainage Before Digging

Once you’ve decided on a location, it’s time to dig. If you are working with an existing landscape and the soil is already in place, take note of the type of drainage available at that site. You’ll want to plan accordingly if there are noxious weeds or other conditions present that require extra attention during construction

Pick a Stone Paver That Fits Your Hardscape

You can choose from a variety of paver styles and colors. Match the color scheme of everything else around it. All these things should have complementary tones so they all work together harmoniously without looking mismatched. If you have a stone path leading up to an entryway where guests will walk on it regularly, then go with one that’s durable enough for daily use.

Consider Future Improvements for Your Project

Stone is generally considered the best material for patio or walkway construction because it doesn’t warp under heavy foot traffic as concrete might do over time. Plus, if you want to change things up later on down the road (like adding plants), simply replace just one brick at a time instead of having to dig up entire sections of mortar!

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