What Commercial Landscaping Companies Consider for Yard Designs

Make Your Commercial Landscape Stand Out!

A commercial space’s landscape design must take into account a variety of factors not present in a residential setting. The space serves a variety of purposes and is used in various ways. Making use of commercial landscaping companies will make the process easier, but if you want to learn the fundamentals of good yard design and things to keep in mind as you plan your outdoor space, keep reading!


There are landscape elements that can translate a message, whether it be one of comfort, healing, enjoyment, etc. For instance, Zen design elements for relaxing areas. In the meantime, dancing fountains will look nice in entertaining outdoor areas. Your company has a brand, and your landscape can reflect that, so make good use of it!


Your landscape scheme can either encourage customers to linger and spend more time, or it can keep them on the move. Add seating areas with benches, tables, chairs, and even fountains! To entice customers to stay longer, many hospitality establishments have succeeded in developing elaborate outdoor lounge areas, and so can you!


Most businesses want to direct customers toward entrances, and one way to do that is to emphasize the entrances with plants and trees and build paths lined with shrubs or even bricks. These components serve an essential purpose as well as make strong visual statements.


You can draw customers to your establishment if your landscaping makes a strong statement or if it provides comfortable places to sit. The opposite is also true; if there is little to no shade, boring landscaping, or unmaintained items, you can turn away customers.

Now that you’re armed with the necessary information, get started on your landscaping project! And, when searching through commercial landscaping companies in Hollister, CA to help you out, don’t forget always to call (408) 703-8236 to work with the professionals of Marquez Landscape. We would be delighted to make your ideal business outdoor space a reality!