Why Do You Need a Lawn Service When Your Grass Is Dormant?

Seasonal Lawn Care Tips and Advice

Many homeowners believe their lawn service is no longer necessary now that winter has arrived. The winter is frequently thought of as a season of rest, indoor activities, and little to no grass care. However, winter may be a perfect time to give your lawn extra attention and take certain steps to ensure that it is primed and prepared for the spring season.

Local Climate and Weather Conditions

The majority of the grass that we see is warm-season grass, which doesn’t actually go dormant until the soil temperature drops below 55 degrees. A drop in soil temperatures could occur well into the year’s end or even at the start of the following year, depending on the weather we are experiencing. In addition, we frequently see 50 to 60-degree winter days. Lawns may not actually go dormant in much of our state, but they may be in a semi-dormant state for most of the winter.

Wintertime Fertilization Treatment

When you fertilize your lawn in the winter, you give the roots the best nutrition possible so they will be prepared for a full, approaching growing season. Warm winter grasses thrive from potassium-rich winter fertilizer. Winter is also a perfect time to treat any weeds that are showing up on your lawn. When the growing season returns to our region, broadleaf weed control treatment will damage the weeds’ roots and reduce how much growth they have.

Hire a Reliable Lawn Care Company

The lawn care professionals will keep you updated on the state of your lawn. They can offer suggestions for your particular lawn and further lawn-care advice. For instance, winter is an excellent time to prune bushes and trees, clear out flower beds and containers of dead plants and shrubs, plant bulbs for the spring growing season, and so much more.

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